Saturday, December 3, 2011

Brows are so important!

I can't stress this enough... Brows are so incredibly important! Being in the beauty industry, it's important for me to have well-groomed brows. Sometimes, though, I slip up. Here's a before (with no makeup! eek!) and an after so you can see how different I look!


  1. So I found ASHANGEL529 on and found my way to Ash's blog, and then found the link for this blog. I was kinda just browsing around and saw this about eyebrows. I have been wanting to go through a lifestyle change just like Ash and I have been trying to look up about changing my outer image to reflect me. I am more of the tomboy but as I get older I find myself wanting to be a little more feminine and take care of myself. Can you give me any tips on how to groom my eyebrows? I've never used tweezers or had eyebrow waxings... I don't even know if it's salons or spas that do it! (serious newb here) LOL My eyebrows aren't huge but I want them a little more well-groomed. Any tips??

  2. Hi Amber! Great questions!

    You can definitely go to a salon or spa to get your brows done. Even nail salons do waxing, however they are NOT licensed to perform these services, so don't let the cheap prices lure you in.

    A great thing to do is get a recommendation for a really good waxist and get your brows done, then maintain them at home. A good tweezer brand is called Tweezerman. If you like, you can e-mail me a picture of your brows and I can photoshop on little lines where you should pluck :)