Friday, December 2, 2011

First post!

I wish I had more to say in my first post. I have created blogs in the past with hopes of having these profound posts. Needless to say, I fall a little short. I'm hoping to change that with this blog. I've only been in the beauty industry as a pro for a few months, but what I've seen both scares me and disgusts me. Between diverted products, stylists with poor skills, stylists who just don't CARE, and various other things... I want to expose all that. I want to show people what to look for in the hair care professional. I also want to show people that the "pro" products you see in the supermarkets and drug stores are NOT what they claim to be.

So keep your eyes peeled, subscribe to my blog, and I promise you I'll deliver. I'll be posting about life, food, hair, makeup, EVERYTHING! Thanks for reading!

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