Monday, January 2, 2012

ULTA Lipstick Swatches

So for Christmas, I received a really cool palette train case thing from ULTA. They don't have it on their site anymore, otherwise I would totally link to it.

It comes with a ton of eyeshadows, lipsticks and blushes/bronzers. This kit has made me able to step outside of my comfort zone and start wearing lipstick. I posted a photo to my Facebook, asking my friends if they liked my new lip color. The feedback was overwhelming! My best friend texted me later on in the day and said she loved the color. We were discussing my utter refusal to wear any form of red lipstick when I told her how amazing these lipsticks are. This led to my promising her I'd swatch the lip colors. :)

Now, in the palette itself you only get little tubs of the lipsticks (plus two bonus ones that I'm just not crazy about). There's not a whole lot of product in it, but it at least gives lipstick-phobes (like me! yay!) the ability to test drive different lip colors without the fear of commitment.

As far as the wear is concerned... I work in a salon, so I talk for 8+ hours a day. This means my mouth is moving a LOT, which means less wear time. If you work in an office where you don't have to talk as much as I do, however, you might get a little more wear. I got about 3 hours before I noticed fading. I was also drinking water and I had a bite to eat.

I really do like this lipstick, even if it's the first one I've worn in... umm... let's just say a while LOL. I am about 90% sure I'd invest in a full size, as long as I find the right color for me. :)

You can find them at your local ULTA or online at ulta's web store.

Here's a full shot of the colors in the palette:

Top row left to right:
Purple Reign, Sweet Pea, Sugar & Spice, Sangria
Middle row left to right:
Vintage Wine, Bit of Berry, Cappuccino, Red Carpet Red
Bottom row left to right:
Berry Pretty, Precious Pink, Dare to Bare, Coral Glow

Here they are, swatched on my arm. Please don't mind the random spatterings of haircolor on my arm. I'm a little sloppy when I'm mixing:

The colors are left to right:
Purple Reign, Sweet Pea, Sugar & Spice, Sangria, Vintage Wine, Bit of Berry, Cappuccino, Red Carpet Red, Berry Pretty, Precious Pink, Dare to Bare, Coral Glow


  1. Blah. If they ever put this set up again, let me know. The only time I do actual lipsticks is for shoots, I've been sticking to glosses for the last few years. I find them to look prettier and less caked on. And not quite as noticeable when they start to fade. Not to mention, as we basically have the same skin tone, the problem finding colors that look right.

  2. It wasn't even online when Ash bought it in the store... I think it's one of those things that you have to get lucky at finding. Every time I check the site, it shows a cute palette that includes lipsticks, but when I click on it, it says product not available. There's one ULTA in Edgewater... might be worth it to check it out. :)

  3. I love lipsticks. My favorite thing to do is get the ones that last for 24 hours and mix it with a lipliner to make a completely different color. I love a beautiful bold "Blue" red and rock that like no body's business. And that color does look slammin' on you. Sometimes you just gotta put it on and DO it. =)

  4. De, I'm so lipstick-phobic. For real. I'm so addicted to my Burt's Bees chapstick or Sephora's lip glosses that I struggle heavily with wearing lipsticks.

    I'm loving how much feedback I'm getting on that berry lipstick that I think it's going to fit into my rotation nicely :)