Sunday, February 26, 2012

Old School Goth

Trends come and go. We all know this. I'm hoping this whole emo trend will go sooner than later.


Because I'm a crotchety old-school goth.

I am the one that spends four hours getting ready, teasing her hair out to THERE, just to stand in a club and complain about all the "young kids these days" while sipping on my cranberry & vodka.

When I went to beauty school, our uniform was described as "black on black with a splash of black". Everyone complained. I rejoiced! No new shopping to do! LOL.

Not that I have a problem with scenesters or hipsters or emosters or *whatever* you guys call yourselves. I'm just that older person that used to be called a babybat waaayyyyy back in the mid 90's. I would get picked on and now it's my turn to pick on all of you. Out of love, naturally. ;)

I wanted to do a look based off of how I used to wear my makeup back in the day. I would go through a stick of eyeliner way too quickly and I heavily abused my best friend's Urban Decay Gash lip stick.

These days, my outfits are a little more streamlined, and a little less Salvation Army chic. My makeup is better than cheap dollar store crap. I've come a long way from covering my ENTIRE lid with liner (because I had NO clue what I was doing at 15) and/or drawing little swirls in the outer corners of my eyes. I do, from time to time, channel that 15 year old version of me and bang out a look like this. So, please forgive my rantings on the current state of "scenes" and enjoy the look! <3

And, for good measure, a super high-contrast, blown-out photograph. Because we ALL did this at one point in time. ;)

This look was created using NYX shadows, Maybelline gel liner, and ULTA's lip sticks. <3


  1. You need to do my makeup again when you visit! :*

  2. This is awesome!!! Mental note to think about this when Spiderman comes out :)

  3. diana - of course! we'll take a few hours to play and take some pictures so that it's not just me on this blog lol.

    geena - thank you so much!!! i would looooove to see what kind of spiderman-inspired look you come up with! :D

  4. Haha the lashes are wicked and I love the lip color! x