Friday, February 10, 2012

Hot Pink and Black

I've had this little tub of a hot pink cream shadow for the longest time. I know, I know, I should probably get rid of it, but I rarely use it. I was cleaning out the makeup stash the other day and came across it again. I put it to the side where I would see it and decided to use it in a future look.

Fast forward to yesterday, when I was feeling creative and ambitious. I pulled out this cream makeup and mixed it with Nyx red-pink shadow and an Inglot black shadow with red sparkles. I still have not conquered the cut crease look, so I wouldn't even call this one of those. I just really love pink and black together and wanted to do an extremely edgy smokey eye with the two. So here you have it! Let me know what you think!


  1. I really like this! That pink is amazing! x

  2. Thank you! It stains like crazy though

  3. I love it, it's so sexy and awesome:)
    It's amazing, that's all I can say:)<3