Thursday, February 9, 2012

Softly Romantic

About 95% of the time, any makeup that I'm wearing has been picked out by my partner. I'll lug out my kit and say "pick a color". She'll point to something, usually something easy, and tell me "that". Sometimes she'll throw in a curveball and pick out totally random colors, just to force me out of my comfort zone.

Yesterday, she gave me an easy look to do. I brought over my ULTA shadows and asked her to pick something. She pointed to these reds, pinks, and browns that I've never used. I had to laugh because I was silently sending messages to pick those shades.

See, a little history on Joanna... I always wear dramatic. I've either got super smokey eyes, or super bright eyes. OR I go totally opposite and do as neutral as I possibly can. Those are my lazy days. I'm not prone to wearing something so... romantic looking. I WOULD enter this into all of those Valentine's day contests going on all over the 'net, but I have an ace up my sleeve for those. :)

So here's my totally out of my comfort zone Softly Romantic look... let me know what you think!

(Those are my new Tiffany & Co glasses!! Love!!)

I used ULTA shadows - Seashell in inner corners, Firework on outer part of lid, Mystical in crease, and In the Buff for a highlight. MUFE kohl liner in 1k for the liner. Smashbox Full Exposure for my mascara.

I think I may attempt a full-on matte look today. Maybe. Possibly. I'm too addicted to shimmer.


  1. Such a beautiful makeup look, I love it:)

  2. Love the natural/neutral colors. I'm finding that as I'm getting older, the earth tones are starting to look better on me. A little shimmer is ok. Sparkles, though, makes me look ooooooold. LOL.