Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Sometimes... sometimes we create beauty, us makeup fiends. Sometimes we do things that are within our comfort zone and we excel.

And then... sometimes we go "ooo I want to try THIS!!!" and wind up creating something that looks like we faceplanted onto a MAC counter.

This is one of those looks.

I had a bowl of Trix for dinner and was totally inspired by the beautiful colors. I should have left it at that, but no... I had to go and try to create a look based on this damn bowl of cereal.

Nothing was working in my favor. See, here in Jacksonville, it's sunny and warm. This means the trees are confused and are creating pollen. This means that Joanna's allergies go berserk and wreak havoc on the sinuses. My eyes kept watering while trying to apply today's look. I was using old makeup that I think I may have paid less than $5.00 for. I didn't apply a base like I normally do.

Needless to say, the stars were misaligned for me today LOL.

I only have two photos to show today and both are of the same eye. Enjoy! ;)

...but first a photo I took of my bowl of cereal.

Maybe I'll try this look again when the odds aren't so stacked against me. ;)

Thanks for looking! <3


  1. Beautiful makeup look, and your blog is amazing, I love it so I followed:)