Friday, December 23, 2011

Masquerade Mask

I've always seen these beautifully created masks that are done with just makeup. I've always wanted to do that... just... ugh it's so gorgeous. While I think I'd be MUCH better at doing this on someone else, it's just me in the house tonight so I figured why not.

I had updated my Facebook Fan Page asking for requests for particular looks. After a few hours of no responses, I texted my partner, who told me to do a masquerade mask.

The universe works in mysterious ways!! So, here's what I came up with... I used mostly Inglot and ULTA powders. It's nowhere near what I hoped it would be, but that's ok. It's a start!


  1. Love the shape! Kind of reminds me of a Venetian Batman, haha! Awesome job for a first attempt!

  2. Hehe that's awesome! Someone told me I looked like a superhero LOL.

  3. I'd say you did a fantastic job. The fact that it's symmetrical is amazing. That's my problem with doing something like that. I can get one side awesome and the other...meh.